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Over the past 27 years presentation of food buffets, grazing stations, and plated meals has run the gamut, but always seems to circle back around.

When I look back in my photo files from the early 90s I see photos of elaborate presentations with lots of height and dimension and tons of fabric swaging. I see themed buffets from every theme imaginable.

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Out of Town Guest Coming?

​In addition to being a caterer for the past 27 Years I have also been an AirBnB super host for years.

My husband and I started opening our home to strangers when the kids moved out and the parents all passed. We thought it would be a nice way to meet people and expand our horizons. We enjoy it.

Whether you are a guest in someone’s home or Inviting guests into your home there are some things to think about to be the “good” guest that is always invited back and the “good” Host that people want to come back to visit.

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​Holiday Spirits

As we all know the Holiday season is the prime time to eat drink and be merry but What if you’re out of festive ideas for the “drink” part?TO help inspire your Holiday beverage offerings we’ve compiled some suggestions for the perfect bar set up.

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