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Hosting a Traditional Tea Party

One of my favorite types of events to host, or attend as a guest, is a tea. I personally have had many types of teas around the world. Here in the Valley, my favorite place

to have tea is at The Phoenician. They have it in the lobby every day during tea time, 2:00 to 4:00, of course.

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​SUMMER is a Time for Casual Celebrations!

BBQs, LUAUs, FIESTAS, PICNICS, POOL PARTIES…. Why wait until the holidays to host an event for the family, your clients, your employees and coworkers.The food takes on a more casual feel somehow and the themes are fun.The Facilities are not booked up and the pressure of the Holidays and all that comes with them is not lingering.

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Over the past 27 years presentation of food buffets, grazing stations, and plated meals has run the gamut, but always seems to circle back around.

When I look back in my photo files from the early 90s I see photos of elaborate presentations with lots of height and dimension and tons of fabric swaging. I see themed buffets from every theme imaginable.

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