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​Writing Culinary Reviews

In today’s day and age so many people shop via the reviews online. I frequent a lot of local restaurants and write reviews for the ones I enjoy. I read reviews with a grain of salt when they are unkind or mean spirited.

I am prompted to write this article as I think of my own companies reviews online. Recently we received an award from Wedding Wire. The "Couple’s Choice" award presented to a company when they receive one hundred good reviews. It’s a nice reminder that hard work pays off. That being said not all reviews are honest and straightforward. I feel sorry for those that would rather spread the negative word then talk about it. But there will always be those people out there. Keep that in mind when you read reviews.

My suggestions for writing a culinary review...

Address the service on a broader note. Consider the entire staff. From the reservation The Hostess, the bartender, the bussers, the waiter, the Chefs, the managers. It is a team effort don’t let one person’s performance over shadow the entire review.

Recently we dined at an upscale restaurant. It was busy for a Tuesday night. I thought we were slightly neglected by our server. She was busy.I felt we waited a long time for a drink refresher however when the drinks were delivered it was by a smiling manager. The busser was there many times to clear and check on us. We waited a bit too long for the check, but we could have been rushed out to reseat the table. Why insult the waiter when overall we were well attended to. I still left 20% gratuity.

How was the Food Overall. I didn’t care for everything on my plate, but I ordered it. It is my obligation to know what I am ordering not the restaurant or server. I know my tastes, they don’t. The Dessert made up for it all. One can’t expect to like everything on the menu. One can’t expect to get it right the first time either give a place a few tries. Be polite and understand that one cannot be all things to all people when it comes to food.

How is the Décor? Maybe not my taste but beautifully done. Mention it

Was the place clean? Mention it if it was.
They got the door for me...How nice. The Busser walked me to the restroom instead of pointing. How kind.

It seems for many easier to complain then praise. They say it takes more muscles to smile then frown. Too many would rather write about it then talk about it. Look what texting has done to our communication skills...

The restaurant and catering business is so very hard. Be compassionate to those that are providing a service that we all really need and enjoy. If you experience bad service or are unhappy with the food pick up the phone and call the manager or Owner. They can do something about it if they choose to. By writing bad reviews you simply spread bad news and make it harder for the ones in charge to make a change. As business owners we all want to know how are team performs. Bad reviews cost people jobs, people read them and don’t go in, restaurants close. Phone calls often lead to better training. Remember not all reviews are honest. There is that terminated employee that wants to get back at the establishment so they write a bad review. That client that can’t afford what they spent on their event or meal so they complain to get a refund or something for free. Keep all that in mind when you scan the reviews. Remember there are some sights that thrive on negativity...they only post the mean spirited reviews you have to look for the good ones. Shop the sights you respect.