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What goes into producing a Large Catered Event?

By Production Manager Nektaria Yiannapoulos.

When I was asked to write this month’s article, I was honored to highlight my position as well as the team effort it takes to produce a catered event here at Heidi’s Events & Catering. My background is a melting pot: I’m an immigrant from Greece - where I owned my own restaurant and worked with a variety of people and cultures. My experience has given me valuable knowledge and a keen eye for detail to ensure that every event is a success!

What goes into producing a large catered event? Well, every Heidi’s event is a true collaboration between the event sales and design team, our experienced culinary team in the kitchen, our “faces” of Heidi’s – the 5-star event serving staff, and myself and our detailed production team.

From the time an event is sold, we start discussing the fine details during our weekly team meetings to ensure no detail is missed before production begins. We are preparing to bring the vision to life that Heidi’s Event Specialist created with our client.

While Heidi’s Culinary Team and Catering Service Departments begin their preparations in ingredients and event staffing, my true work begins: designing and staging the event!

Everything from décor, linens, tableware, and food service equipment comes from our Banquet Event Order (BEO), which serves as my event checklist. Which for an average sized event, could have over 150 items to bring!

Once all of the items are pulled, staged and organized from our production warehouse, pictures are taken to ensure that no detail is missed upon the loading and setting up of the event. To put it into perspective: an average sized event at Heidi’s Events & Catering takes around 5-7 hours of preparation and production to assure that all that is promised - is delivered!

Paying attention to detail is something that everyone on the team at Heidi’s Events & Catering strives for. I am very proud to play an integral part in our events so that our clients get the event they’ve always dreamed of!