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​Thanksgiving can be easy... Isn’t it all about the family and friends anyway?

You have heard me say before do what you love and pay someone to do the rest. When it comes to a Holidays like Thanks giving can be eve so stressful for some. Even if it is just dinner for your family of four. Getting everything to come out ready and hot at the same time can be a challenge. It is just more food that we typically cook for one meal.

If you love to set your table and make things pretty consider having someone else do the food. Maybe you just like baking the pies and Desserts. Maybe you just want to make a few pre dinner Hors D oeuvres. Its ok to take on parts and not all of the entire meal. Don’t do what you don’t like because you think you should. I for one know my family would enjoy my company just as much as the dinner I work hours and days to prepare.

If you love to cook but want some help with the beautiful table consider hiring someone to bring in the table chairs, linens, tableware, center pieces and name cards. Contract service staff to do all the cleanup. It is so nice to enjoy your company before the big meal and sip on digestives following it. Instead of jumping up to put away food and doing dishes.

In my house the men do the dishes but they don’t like it I am certain. They would rather be on the floor watching football.

Whether your Thanksgiving plan is for your small family or a big one of extended family and friends consider hiring a caterer ( HEC) to come in with everything you need. Set a nice table in the backyard with lovely china and then serve the feast for you family style. They will pack all your leftovers wash everything and take it all away. You might be surprised at just how much you save overall. That Grocery bill the week of Thanks giving is my biggest by far. It all adds up so fast. The value I place on my time these days makes the help so worth it. On Friday instead of being wiped out after all that cooking and cleaning you might actually have energy to have some fun! OR go shopping.