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​SUMMER is a Time for Casual Celebrations!

BBQs, LUAUs, FIESTAS, PICNICS, POOL PARTIES…. Why wait until the holidays to host an event for the family, your clients, your employees and coworkers.The food takes on a more casual feel somehow and the themes are fun.The Facilities are not booked up and the pressure of the Holidays and all that comes with them is not lingering.

Some of our favorite times have been at employee picnics during the summer. Yes during the summer in Arizona you can have a great time. Have your events later, or very early in the morning, get wet, and eat fun food.An early morning breakfast in the parking lot, a sunset evening BBQ at a local park with live music, a tropical Luau by the pool all good ideas for gathering in the summer, with or without the kids.

How fun would it be for your employees to bring their families to work with them one early summer morning have breakfast in the parking lot show off their kids, show them around, then get to work. A nice treat. Family camaraderie.

There are great community areas and Public parks for large groups. HEC can bring in Tables Chairs, games, entertainment, and great food. A beer permit is very inexpensive. It can be easy for the host and fun for the whole group if you hire a professional to do it for you.If you like to grill the dogs do it and let them do the rest.You will be the hero for orchestrating it all.