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Spring is Here!

By, Heidi Vail

Spring for me is a time for renewal. New growth in the garden, new life everywhere, new clothes (even though I don’t need them) and new ideas! It’s time for brunch, tea parties, and gatherings with friends. In our neighborhood it’s time for a block party. Easter of course is here and all that goes with it!

I am sitting in my yard watching the birds. I feed, water, and offer shelter for them so they come every day. They eat, sing, mate, and flutter around. They go on about their business in spite of the everyday dangers birds have. The Hawk comes by daily and they all scatter. Within minutes they resume the activity as if nothing happened. It is one of the highlights of my day.

It makes me think that in spite of what we all have been through recently, we must go on! What is the point of life if not to really “live”? Invite some friends over...there’s always a reason to have brunch. Grandmothers, Daughters, granddaughters have a tea party. It’s fun! It’s easy to call and have it catered. Use this terrific weather and say Hello! In-person for a change. We all need a reason to put on a pretty hat and eat a cute little sandwich! Always remember to Embrace LIFE!!