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Something to ponder....

By Heidi Vail

As I sit here in self-quarantine at my cabin in the woods trying to think about writing an article that will be published in May I find myself at a bit of a loss. Writing about the culinary world just doesn’t seem appropriate.

It is my sincere hope that by May this Coronavirus will all be behind us and the residue of the damage done will be fading away. But I know it will take everyone time to bounce back and recover. Some of us will have losses that will never be recovered I’m sure.

We are doing everything we can at Heidi’s Events & Catering to provide home meal service, maintain our staff, pay our bills, and stay healthy.

On a positive note it has reminded us about the importance of necessity. Keeping things lean and not getting lazy. In the 28 years we have been in business we have survived these crises because we don’t allow success to make us soft and lazy. We’ve held onto the values of hard work, good service, fair business practices, and honest product.

I look at what we have gained through all of this: quality family time, time to do the things we never seem to have time to do, a really clean house, car, office, and hands, a distant closeness to our neighbors, the realization that you really don’t need to use a big wad of toilet paper every time!

I hope that by May when this is published we will all be doing better. As Arizonans, we will have a new outlook, a new direction, and learn from what has passed.