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Some things to consider when planning an event.

1. Why choose a caterer instead of your favorite local restaurant?

Not all caterers are created equal..So I am speaking of my company with 23 years experience.

We understand how complicated preparing, transporting and working outside of a commercial kitchen is.

We know how to pack a truck so nothing breaks and the time it takes to get the job done right and be ready on time.

We know when to say no to a client that wants to cut things that will effect the outcome of an event.

We know what foods are good on a buffet and what is best plated. We know that In Arizona the Health Department does not permit food to be prepared anywhere outside a commercial kitchen.

We know how to plan the quantities for each item based on the guest and specific event. You don't want to pay for overage and certainly should not run out. Our service staff is trained to take care of large groups not just a few tables in restaurant. We are experienced in working on all terrains and in various venues.

I do not run a restaurant but do know how to put on am amazing event.

I think many restaurants want to cater because they cannot fill the seats in the restaurant... Drop of casual food is not catering tome it is simply drop off food. You still have to do the work.

2. What things need to be considered when planning my catering?

Catering can mean different things to you. We are a full service caterer so we supply the food, tableware, linens, bar service, Tables, chairs, linens and the catering staff. We use Chefs to handle food, servers to take care of guests and Managers to run the events. The price of the food is just one component when you plan an event. everything gets added on as needed. And then the Operations fee is applied. That allows us to carry good liability insurance, maintain our equipment and offer benefits to our staff. The Government gets their piece of the pie. And then a gratuity should be set aside to show your appreciation for the hard work your staff dopes at your event. Catering was recently Listed as one of the top ten most stressful jobs. We embrace that challenge every day.

3. What are the advantages of a full-service caterer?

If the catering company is experienced in event planning and owns all their own equipment (as we do) a one stop shop is very convenient. If on the other hand they are simply subcontracting things for you it may be less expensive for you to do it on your own. We take care of all the details for our clients. We do not try to get involved in things we don't know or are not good at like Lighting, Photography, DJS. But we made sure we have great vendor partners to refer you to. We want to meet our clients show them our facility and make sure they are as a good fit for us as a client as we know we will be them as a caterer.

4. What if the family wants to help?

My suggestion as a rule of thumb is to let the family help with things that can be completed at east seven days prior tot he event. Guest favors, make something yummy that will keep to give tour gifts like jars of jam, rubs and scrubs, candy that can be frozen. Making and addressing invitations, Centerpieces and decor that does not have to be assembled the day of the event. Recruit family to take home your gifts at the end of the night, to call people that have not rsvped, help with your floor plan. Don't impose on your family and friends to work for you the day of your event. Are they not special enough to be a guest at your event?