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​Soak Up the "Summer Fun" themes and throw a party!

Every year in December we are so busy with call after call for a Holiday parties. The calendar fills fast. Couples are torn between which work party can they make it to and still have time for their own family activities. The summer is the perfect time to have your company party. Or better yet that party you have been meaning to have to show your friends and family you care. The thank you for all the invitations you’ve accepted al year.

Summer themes are the most fun I think. The BBQs, Patriotic, Tropical luaus and Jamaican Jerk Parties, Summer Olympics, Company Picnics, Pool parties ...maybe not so good with coworkers. My favorite...A candlelit dinner in the yard under the stars with Andre Bocelli bellowing off in the distance.

My advice is to do what you know and like to do and hire out the rest. Here at HEC we are very good at the rentals set up and tear down, the food, the service, the bartending. If it were me and I could have someone good handle all that I would focus my efforts on the decorations, the fun memorable invitations. Enough with the evite. Send me something I can open hold in my hand and get excited about. The entertainment. It’s nice to eat, drink and visit but there are other things that can really add to the enjoyment of an event. Depending on the theme. I am loaded with great ideas....Call me!

I know you’re thinking it’s to hot to do anything in the summer. Well it’s very nice early in the morning and as the sun sets. Consider a different time for you event. Keep in mind that misting fans are available to rent, outdoor coolers. The Hottest time of the day in the summer is 3:00 either be done by then or don’t start until much later.

Food safety is so important. If you decide to do your own food remember that bacteria grows most rapidly between 40 degrees and 140 degrees. Doubling in as little as 20 minutes. Never leave food out of this zone for more than two hours. Designate an "eating time" with in that two hour timeframe. Just because you have a bowl of Potatoes salad on a bowl of Ice doesn’t mean it is cold all the way through. A chicken breast or hamburger on a platter should be eaten right away and refilled as necessary. Better t put a little out at a time and have someone on hand to refill as it is consumed. Don’t add cold food to warm food. Pitch was left and start anew.

Save Alcohol service is equally as important. The amount one can consume and legally still drive is much lower than you think. Hire an Insured bartender. The key word here is insured. There is no license to bartend anyone’s Uncle can do it. The key is the Arizona Certification for safe alcohol service and hiring a Bartender that is backed with an off premise liability policy. A restaurant Bartender is insured at the restaurant but not at your home. If there is an incident the liability will fall on the Bartender, the homeowner and the Individual drinking. Party safe and cover yourself.