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​Sharing a meal….Cooking For One…

There are often times in our lives when the amount of food we need for a meal is on the smaller side. When your single, when your older, divorced, widowed or even just the two of you because everyone has left the nest.

I know often these situations cause us to eat poorly. I have elderly family members who simply don’t want to cook anymore and a recently widowed father in law that simply doesn’t know how to cook. So I got to thinking about ways all of you can help. I for one always make way to much food for family meals and then often we put it in the fridge and after several days if neither of us eat it we pitch it. So I am making a point of packing

Single meals and putting them in my freezer for my Aunt and Uncle and father in law.

I am sure we all know someone that would enjoy a homecooked meal. When I see them I send them home with the leftovers from the meal we just shared and a few additional meals for later. I invite them to dinner often. Manu more times then they come but I know they enjoy homecooking. The same goes for our single friends.

When it comes to cooking for yourself just plan a meal for four. Most recipes are for four to six. Instead of trying to cook just one portion. Pack the other three portions for three separate meals to eat at a later date. Make an effort to cook at least 4 homecooked meals with fresh ingredients a week. Use the other three days for eating out. There are so many easy fresh products to use. Sprouts and Traders Joes make cooking easy with Fresh vegetables and meat. Make batches of things you love like pasta sauce and fresh it in portion sizes instead f buying so many jars of processed sauce.

A date to cook a meal together can be one of the best ways to get to know someone.

Instead of inviting them over for a meal you prepared invite over to cook a meal with you. You’d be surprised what you can find out about someone in the kitchen!