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Over the past 27 years presentation of food buffets, grazing stations, and plated meals has run the gamut, but always seems to circle back around.

When I look back in my photo files from the early 90s I see photos of elaborate presentations with lots of height and dimension and tons of fabric swaging. I see themed buffets from every theme imaginable.

I remember doing an event with a live mermaid sitting atop a seafood station. She sat there throughout the event and blewbubbles. While the guests plucked plumped shrimp and crab claws from an iced seafood bar. I doubt they New what they were eating.

I did live baby vegetable garden. A picket fence surrounding a garden of baby vegetables on sticks with pots of dips and packets of seeds. It was so cute.

I even made a three foot cheeseburger on a wooden electrical spool with pounds of fabric and batting once for a Jimmy Buffet themed Cheeseburger in paradise event. Complete with the lost shaker of salt.

I made a striped beach towel with fresh yellow and white mums for a clam bake buffet. It was just beautiful! Took hours to hot glue all those flowers together.

The creative displays are fun. They are also time consuming. As we have evolved as a company the reality of time is money has set in. As much fun as it is to produce these amazing looks. It takes allot of time and unless the clients are willing to pay for that time you will quickly go broke or exhaust your resources. When a customer wants a great look they must be willing to pay for it.

And many do! I think the look is even more important then the food. (Don’t shoot me Chef)

Over the years HEC has developed a style that feels good to me. It really centers itself around the seasons, the earth, and natural elements. Using things that don’t feel out of place in the space the event is occurring. I cringe when I think of the times we wrapped stucco columns with lavender tulle for a Quinceanera.

I have also learned that the client is not always right. At some point we must as customers realize we hire professionals to do a job and we should allow them to guide us in a professional manner.

If I don’t say no to things I know simply won’t work or shouldn’t be then I look bad. The guest never blame the host, they blame the caterer.When a bride doesn’t want to pay for coffee the coffee drinkers think the caterer didn’t bring any. When a client wants to skimp and decides to only order food for 100 guest when they know 125 are going to be there, the ones that don’t get to eat think the “caterer” ran out of food. Not that the Host didn’t order enough. Back in the beginning of HEC I got a letter from a young couples grandmother reprimanding me for allowing her young granddaughter the bride serve her guest an unbalanced wedding meal. They choose all Meats and starches. No salad no vegetables. She told me it was my responsibility as a professional to guide these young couples so they do the right thing. I have never forgotten that letter.So I have learned to say no! In the end I may not get that job but I sleep better at night.

Back to presentation...Each season we create some new looks that I feel best represent the current trends and how HEC fits into that trend. Then from there we make it yours by incorporating your special touches.

For example rustic is in now but that does not mean the same thing to all clients. So we start with the bones and change out the flowers, succulents, textiles, make it yours.

I’m happy to say Backyard Events are really big now! Thanks to VBRO and Airbnb you can have a really special event in a backyard even if it’s not your backyard. You can style the event to feel much more personal then those hosted in Hotel ballrooms and wedding Venues.

The key is finding a company like Heidi’s Events and Catering that has everything you need to do it all. Otherwise it can be overwhelming to do so much yourself and meet with all the different vendors.Back to time is money. What is your time worth?

We have the creative juices, rentals, tents, lighting, bar service, staff, food, lots of combined experience and know how to pull it all together.As our Tag line goes “ Making the good times easy since 1992!”