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​Planning your Holiday Parties should start when we are still in three digit temperatures!

Don’t wait until everyone else starts thinking about it In October and November. During the summer months Caterers are slower and have more time to work on your proposals. Venus aren’t filled yet so you have a better chance to get the place you want if you’re not hosting it at home. Entertainers are still available, and many offer summer special for booking early. If you get your invitations out in November your guest can plan on being there.

Think about what type of party you want to have. Why not have Thanksgiving lunch for the staff and get it out of the way for the season... Where will you have it? Will it be at home for Family and friends? A company party at the Bosses house shows your staff you care about them. Big game venues, bars and restaurants don’t allow for the mingling and visiting. Its nice to get away from the office when socializing. Leave the Workplace for Work. Unless you plan something for Breakfast or Lunch. A breakfast Holiday party when everyone arrives to work is a great surprise, keeps the cost down, and does not require liquor of any sort. Of course the traditional Holiday spread for the office at lunch is always welcome.

If you having the event at Home consider the space and number of guests you’d like to have.
A dinner buffet or plated dinner is nice if you have the space to provide seating for everyone.
Grazing stations are the perfect solution for Holiday parties when you don’t want to sit everyone down for dinner like you do at a wedding. Seating is not necessary for more than a third to sit at any specific time. The food stations are attended serving food for two to three hours allowing your guests to come and go at their leisure without missing out on the food. You can offer more variety with stations.

Its ok to serve Alcohol at your home parties just make sure you have an insured professional serving it. Not your friend or someone that is a bartender at your favorite restaurant or bar. Remember Arizona is a shared responsibility state. You throw the party you are liable. Having the Bartender insured will help.

Plan to do what you love to do for your party. Decorate, make invitations, guest favors, buy booze, anything you can do up to the week before. Cooking or Bartending should not be the thing your doing when your guests are there to see you. Its rude to be so involved in a tasks. Be there to Host your guest. And enjoy the party as well.

It is not necessary to lock in all the final details so early but pick a date, pick a place, pick a caterer, plan some entertainment and lock that all down. When the temperatures drop and it feels more like the Holiday you can finalize the details of your event. Avoid last minute haste in throwing a party together because NOW your in the mood. You know you will be so do it now.