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​Planning a Kids Party

I want to start by saying my catering company does not specialize or even cater very many kids birthday parties. Now that I am a grandmother I do allot more of it and love being involved. I came out of the shoot bucking with the first Birthday cake and now I feel the need to out do myself with the next one. There are allot of great bakers to do that for you if it is not your thing.

This is what I have learned so far. Make it fun for the kids and the adults. Pick a theme you can live with. Make sure it fits the season. Invite the number of kids you’re comfortable making and paying for. More kids mean more of everything. There should be time for eating, playing and some structured activities.

There should be food that is kid friendly and something for the adults. The food should be time appropriate. Cake alone is ok from 3:00 to 5:00.

It is ok to have alcohol at kid’s parties for the parents! The food should go with the theme. Like fish and chips for a pirate themed party.

We just had a Dragon party for my three year old Grandson. Which means Vikings too. Pop Pop and I eye made Viking Hats, shields and swords out of cardboard and duct tape for 20 kids! Too many in my humble opinion. It took us three nights to get them all done.

We created a table with stumps to sit on and encouraged the kids to color their shields. There was a "Dragon training" obstacle course a Castle bounce house and food!

Dragon Toes (grilled chicken legs), Dragon feed (macaroni salad), Viking cannon balls (meatballs) Grapes (rocks) Broccoli with Ranch ( the Forest) Apple Wedges ( Dragon Teeth)

The Adults drank Ale and Viking juice, (vodka Punch) and the kids drank Dragons blood (juice boxes)

We had plenty of water. The Cake was a Dragon that breathed fire when it came time to sing the Song. There was Ice cream to go with it. The party started at noon and everyone was gone by 3:30 or so.

The take away gift for the children was a plastic Dragon.