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Planning an Event from Afar

By: Jillian Zeeb, Senior Event Specialist for Heidi’s Events and Catering

There are so many details to consider when planning an event in another city…whether you are planning your wedding just a few hours up north or organizing your company retreat from out of state…I have actually been on both sides! Working at Heidi’s Events & Catering, I have been the planner working with many clients to plan their events out of town and have also experienced being the bride planning my own wedding up north in Sedona just three years ago!

Here are three points that I think are important to know for long distance planning that you might not think of on your own...

Hotel & Transportation Options: Remember in addition to the obvious hotel accommodations, to share how to get to the destination (rental cars and travel shuttles). Then also the transit options once they get to the location (city trollies, Uber, shuttles, buses etc.) so they don’t get lost or fall behind trying to figure it out on their own.

Added Costs for Travel to Remote Areas: Don’t forget there might be added costs! If your vendors have to travel to get there, plan to pay mileage, the added labor to travel and of course the additional labor needed for the delicious food prep out of town! Do your research so you know how far it is to get from the ceremony to the reception or maybe from the dinner to the after-party so you can cover that transportation.You might also consider fitting the bill for the hotel or travel expenses for any close friends or relatives who are important to you but might not be able to afford it.

Keep your Travelers Busy!: Lastly, don’t forget to give your guests ideas for things to do outside of the big event.Again, do your research so you can share great breakfast or happy hour spots as well as site seeing tours or hiking trails.This will make their trip [i.e. your wedding weekend] that much more memorable so they’ll be talking about it for years to come!