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​Plan the weeks Meals with the Kids!

Cooking with the kids has always been a passion of mine. Perhaps I dated to many men in earlier years that couldn’t cook. Shame on their mothers and Fathers for not teaching them how or stimulating an interest in preparing good food.

Now that school has resumed for the next year I thought I might make some suggestions For weekend cooking that can be used for the next week’s lunches. Include the kids with the whole process. Sit down and plan some meals for the next week. Not only will you teach the kids to cook they will use math skills to determine the quantities, learn to organize a productive list, they will learn to plan ahead and how to use everything and not be wasteful.

Consider the dinner and what might be used the next day for lunch. Make a menu that includes the portion sizes. Increase the portions to accommodate the ingredients for the lunches for the next day.

Make a shopping list with quantities next to each item. As you move to the next menu item simply increase the quantity of that ingredient. Then total each ingredient when you’re finished.

Example: half onion chopped + six slices raw onion + 1 cup chopped onion = 2 whole onions

When making the list group like items together for easier shopping. Think about your grocery store and how it is laid out. Produce, then meat, then deli, then dairy ect... I am a fan of filling the cart from the outside in. Gathering all the fresh product first leaving limited space for the process items. Steer clear of the Freezer section useless you want an Ice cream treat.

Some ideas for Dinner then what lunch might be the next day:

Grilled BBQ chicken with Grilled vegetables and baked potatoes. Grill some extra Chicken and vegetables and the next day for lunch you can make a BBQ chicken and grilled Vegetable salad over Romaine lettuce with BBQ ranch. Any extra baked potatoes can be fried up for breakfast with eggs.

Meatloaf for dinner... Cold meat loaf sandwiches for lunch the next day.

Cheese Tortellini with Marinara and Grilled chicken with Broccoli for dinner. Cook and extra batch of tortellini, leave without sauce, grill a few extra Chicken breasts, use the extra broccoli. Toss the cold tortellini, chopped chicken breast and cold broccoli flowerets with some Italian dressing and parmesan cheese for a great salad.

Roast pork for dinner with Carrots potatoes and onions. Roast an extra large pork loin and pull the leftover pork toss with BBQ sauce and eat it in tortillas or on a bun for lunch Repurposing food that has been cooked is not the same as simply eating leftovers. It takes on a whole new meaning.