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The Path to Becoming a Successful Senior Event Planner

By: Jillian Zeeb, Senior Event Specialist for Heidi’s Events and Catering

Did you ever watch the movie The Wedding Planner and think to yourself, ‘how did she get that job!’??As a young adult I definitely did…and when Heidi (my mentor and C.E. O. of Heidi’s Events and Catering) asked me to write this month’s article about my path to becoming a successful Event Planner I was so excited to share my story!

In college I started working for Heidi’s Events and Catering as a Server, Bartender and eventually an Event Manager running the events day-of from start to finish.Although it was a part time job, for me it was so much more because I LOVED IT!

By the time I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and English I had learned everything from how to properly load a truck with rentals to knowing how to problem solve when the bride’s engraved champagne flute is knocked off the table by her future mother-in-law (true story!). I then applied to be the Office Assistant to learn more.I eventually grew into Heidi’s Executive Assistant working one on one with her and her clients. I learned SO MUCH during this time.

The most valuable trait I learned and will share with you is to listen. I turned into a sponge, soaking up any and all knowledge I could; and it worked.I became an Event Specialist executing my own events and before I knew it I had enough knowledge and skill to share. As the Senior Event Specialist I hire, train, lead and teach our Event Specialists, overseeing their event production and sharing new culinary and event trends.

Hard work, positive, creative and thoughtful thinking has brought me to my 13th year with HEC. When you find something you love, although it might be tough at first, stick with it and truly give your all…you can succeed!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” – Unknown.