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Out of Town Guest Coming?

In addition to being a caterer for the past 27 Years I have also been an AirBnB super host for years.

My husband and I started opening our home to strangers when the kids moved out and the parents all passed. We thought it would be a nice way to meet people and expand our horizons. We enjoy it.

Whether you are a guest in someone’s home or Inviting guests into your home there are some things to think about to be the “good” guest that is always invited back and the “good” Host that people want to come back to visit.

When Hosting consider the needs of your guests when you do your grocery shopping. If you don’t drink coffee they might. If you don’t drink dairy they might. IF you bake put something homemade out for their arrival. I am a fan of Bundt breads. Easy and they last awhile. Of course you can go wrong with Home made cookies. IF I have a late arriving guest I always put a plate of cookies next to their beds. I have snacks available ranging from Dried Fruits and nuts to healthy bars and then a jar of not so healthy candies. Consider the almond and soy options to just cows milk as well and plenty of fresh fruit. Yogurt, bagels, muffins and toast with different spreads and jams makers a quick easy breakfast.

In the bathroom set out their own bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth. Put some shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower. A nice candle and some bathroom spray are always nice. Backup toilet paper, random toiletries, a new toothbrush and paste, and sanitary products in a drawer are helpful. I like to have a tub of sanitary wipes available as well.

In the bedroom fresh sheets and several pillows. An extra blanket to throw over the end of the bed. A carafe of water and a glass, a candle and some pillow spray is lovely. Local magazines or something to thumb through before bed. A place to hand a few things and something to set their suitcase on. Fresh flowers if you are so compelled.

When a guest just be thoughtful. Bring a nice hostess gift. Don’t leave your stuff all over. Wash your dishes after you use them. Just jump in after a home cooked meal and grab a towel and dry something.Don’t leave you stuff in the bathroom others may use that same bathroom. Squeegee the shower doors if there is one in the shower. Make your bed when you get up in the morning and tidy up your belongings. Give some consideration to the length of time you are there and offer to pitch in for things like groceries, gas etc if it is longer than a few days. Offer to help when you can. Join in for the TV time don’t be a loner you came to visit. When its time to go take an Uber to the airport its cheap don’t inconvenience your host on the last day. Strip the bed and put the towels you used in the laundry. Leave a note of appreciation. You will get invited back!