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November eNewsletter: Eat, Drink & Be Thankful!

Contemplating whether or not to hold your annual holiday party this year? Whether you are planning for family and friends or the employee appreciation for your team who has worked extra hard this year, we have some tips to consider to keep your guests safe while also having fun!

We all know that masks are recommended to help keep both yourself and others safe…so why not embrace them as part of the party theme??

Masquerade theme parties are not only often formal – so you and your closest friends and family can have an excuse to get dressed up…but the entire outfit is surrounded by who has the most unique and detailed mask. So instead of covering just your eyes for this masquerade…let’s see who has the prettiest and most detailed face mask!

We Arizonians are lucky that cold weather for us, is still bearable to be outside…so rent some heaters and throw the party outside.

Plan some interactive games like corn hole or bocce ball to keep guests moving – and if it happens to be an extra cold night, light the firepit and roast s’mores or setup a hot cocoa bar. You can even bring out a few extra throw blankets from the living room for guests to bundle up.

If you are willing to invite guests into your home, be conscious enough to provide the proper tools for guests to keep clean and comfortable. Setup a couple sanitation stations around the party, with hand sanitizer, individual disinfectant wipes, and maybe even some extra masks in case someone forgot about your super fun masquerade theme…

Keep in mind that there are many people who are high risk, have family that are high risk, or they are just extra cautious. So make it a no pressure party invite! If they can’t make it or simply don’t want to go – no hard feelings! Be understanding of everyone’s varying level of comfort and support them in their decision…just as you’ll hope they support your decision to keep the party tradition alive this year :)

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