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Manners Never Go Out of Style…

I was invited to my Grandchildren’s school this morning for a parents/grandparents brunch. I watched as my 3 year old granddaughter walked us to the table to be seated then asked what kind of muffins we would like. She returned to the table with a tray of Orange juice and homemade muffins. As she went to serve the muffins her Daddy reminded her to serve the ladies first. Her Mother and I were present. My internal proud flame flared up and I beamed. She walked around and handed us all a napkin then served us more OJ as she saw our glasses were emptied.She is three.

It has always been important to me to instill good manners in my children and grandchildren and along with that comes the caring act of consideration. Manners are a simple way of showing the people around you that you care about them. A show of Respect.

I think that our Children learn most of all by example. You can certainly tell allot about the parents by the behavior of the children. And as the years go on that show of respect should only grow not lessen.

There are basic rules of etiquette when it comes to table manners. Both from a guest and server perspective. I have written about that before. It is not so much that you know them all but think about the why behind them.

I recently took a group of women from my office to a dinner that was held for an event that I was nominated for. The dinner was being served and one of the ladies that was served first immediately picked up her fork and started to eat. The rest of us had to wait awhile to all be served. She was practically finished before the rest of us had started. I think she was oblivious to her lack of manors and it showed. It has stuck with me all this time. In our industry being considerate and caring with a passion for others is so important. That showed me that she has much to learn.

Along with the please and thanks you’s, excuse me, and have a nice days one must now remember to include the modern day etiquette that pertains to electronic devises. If I am in the car with you and you are on your phone I feel the person you are talking to is more important to you then I am. If I have an appointment with you and you answer your phone I feel you don’t value my time. If I enter a room and you don’t put down your devise and acknowledge me I feel invisible. If you text me all the time and cant dial me up to say Hi I feel that you would rather talk at me then with me. One cannot read a tone. Or feel an emotion via a text, email or handwritten note. I for one am happy to see a piece of mail that is written in one’s hand instead of a preprinted label. I feel special.

If you’re pouring yourself a glass of water bring me one to. If you’re stopping by for a coffee call and see if I want one. If you come into the office before me fill my water and start my tea. Show me that you care. It is contagious to be considerate and polite to people that are that way to you. If you are pleased with the work one does for you show your appreciating. I recently received a beautiful bouquet form the mother of a bride after we catered their engagement party. She wrote “You made our night memorable and joyful. Thank you for your kind, professional and gentle services. We appreciate you.”You can be certain that I will give this family the extra special touch for the wedding because I will remember how appreciative they are. Kindness goes such a long way.