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For the Lovers of Food….

February seems to be the month to talk about how food and love work so well together.

When I think back of all the dates I’ve ever had, some of the best have evolved around the food. I had a second date once that was most memorable. The gentleman asked me during the first date if I would see him again and I said sure as long as it was something more interesting then diner and a movie. I will spare you the long story of the date though it is a good one but in short it was dinner and a movie in the most extraordinary way. At the Scottsdale drive in with a white linen table cloth, shining candelabra, champagne in a bucket and a waiter with a towel draped from his arm.I will never forget it.

On another date we were hiking and out in the middle of nowhere there was a picnic spread on a blanket with chilled water and a great lunch. How wonderful.

The notion of food in a surprising way with someone you care about doesn’t get any better.

For Valentines Day one year we sold a woman as she requested a “bathtub full of Jell-O”. Oh my!

We have catered countless romantic dinners for two and small groups in all sorts of places.

I for one love to share food. I love to cook for people I care about. I love the unusual experiences, outside the restaurant experience.The gift of food is better than no other. Whether it is a guest favor at a wedding, a gift from a client, a dinner for a friend, or something you send to someone far away. Food is always appreciated. But the experience of it is what I always remember.

Next time you want to impress someone, say you’re sorry or simply show that you care think about something you do several times a day…Eat! Then put a spin on it. You can call the professionals to help you, and do the parts you enjoy yourselves.

I must admit when I come home from a long day and smell my husband’s one and only dish cooking Tacos… it warms my heart.