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​Life is a Picnic

When I was drinking my tea in the backyard this morning thinking about how much I like to be outdoors. How much fun it is to dine outside. I think it’s the change of scenery, the fresh air and the sounds. With Spring just around the corner I think about it more and more. We have so many great green spaces in our community and the around the state. Sometime I take my grandchildren out front and we sit on the grass and eat our lunch in the front yard. Or walk down to feed the ducks or go to the park. Sometime we eat our breakfast on grass in the backyard in our pjs.

No matter the location or even what were eating its just nice to be outside.

One of my favorite dates with my husband was on a blanket with a beanbag chair in the greenbelt next to our house with some wine, good food and a blanket…

You can have a fancy picnic… Pull out your lace tablecloth, put on a fancy hat, use a parasol and embrace the days of old. Use your china and nice champagne glasses.

Play some classical music and gaze into each others eyes…

Or a casual picnic… Lay out an old blanket throw some comfy pillows around and grab a can of beer.

Don’t forget the board games, cards, trivia, the iPod with a mini speaker…or get up and throw the Frisbee. Leave you computer and cell phones in the house!

I like to plan food I can eat with my hands, I like fresh foods that smell good and are easy to eat. Low maintenance things. Remember to keep cold food cold so you don’t get sick.

No more then a couple hours at room temperature.

Sandwiches, fried chicken, wraps, burritos, cut fruits, fresh berries, grapes and vegetables. If you toss your vegetables lightly in some flavored olive oil with a dash of vinegar you won’t need a creamy dip. Keep it simple and fresh. Cookies and dessert bars. Dried fruit and nuts, trail mix. Cold Drinks and plenty of water.