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By, Tanya Schmit

We all endured trials and tribulations over the roller coaster of the year and a half that it’s been: physically, mentally, emotionally, the list goes on farther for that for some. As a mother of four school aged children, getting the kids back into “normal” school this year, has been the HUGEST blessing that our family could have asked for…little did we know until it happened! It was, by far, the most symbolic for my family – and I can presume many of yours – thus far.

Some of us have returned to our offices, gotten haircuts for the first time in a year, dressed up for an occasion, attended a party, flown on a plane, attended sporting events or other mass gatherings…we’re each returning to whatever “normal” we have missed so fondly over this time.

With all these “returns” that we’re experiencing to normalcy, I felt it appropriate to remind us ALL to do so with KINDNESS. We’ve had such a tumultuous year, between the pandemic with mixed opinions and judgement throughout, a horrific election year filled with hate and violence. As human beings, it is imperative to proceed with KINDNESS and GRACE that some of us lost over the past 18 months. Remember when your neighbor brought over a fresh loaf of baked bread, or seeing a young man helping an elderly man load his groceries, or just the simple touch of holding a door open for someone…? All these things CAN come back, and should. But it’s up to US, kind humans, to ‘pay it forward’ and return it all back to how it “was”.

Leave this small reading, and do ONE THING kind for a stranger today. They maybe one thing tomorrow. If we all do it, IT WILL COME!