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It’s Really All About the Little Things

By, Brandon Dell’Olio Catering Service Director of Heidi’s Events & Catering

I once had a chef tell me in the beginning of my food service career, “it’s all about taking care of the little things. Without taking care of each important small detail, how would the big picture fall into place?”As the Catering Service Director for Heidi’s Events and Catering I am honored that Heidi has asked me to share with you the importance of taking care of the “little things” always; especially when catering or hosting an event.

As a host or a hostess of a party, the last thing you want to do is stress about the little things. However it is imperative that you do so if your desire is to host an event that one will remember! From assuring plenty of toiletries in your bathroom for guests, to planned activities to entertain the kids, to the appropriate music for the celebration – all these ‘little things’ make a world of difference to the event. Then of course there is the appropriate menu for your guests!

At Heidi’s Events & Catering, we pride ourselves on the “little things”: when a server kneels down to the level of a small child to offer a hand passed hors d’oeuvre, when a catering staff member replenishes an empty toilet paper roll and empties a waste basket, when a server has a tray of drinks and small plates of food ready the VIP’s of the party. Everyone should be treated like a VIP and made to feel cared for. Exceptional service is what brings all the little things together to form the beautifully painted picture of an event one won’t forget.