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​Holiday Spirits

As we all know the Holiday season is the prime time to eat drink and be merry but What if you’re out of festive ideas for the “drink” part?TO help inspire your Holiday beverage offerings we’ve compiled some suggestions for the perfect bar set up.

Before the fun stuff I want to talk about responsibility. Arizona is a shared responsibility state. If someone leaves your home and gets hurt or hurts someone else you are partially liable. It could mean a nasty lawsuit and allot of money. Cover yourself by hiring an insured bartender. Not licensed but Insured! Do not offer self serve alcoholic beverages. Put the responsibility into the hands of someone that has been T.I.P.S. trained by the state of Arizona. It is all about safe alcohol service. Make sure they are insured at your home. Bartenders from restaurants are only insured at the restaurant they work at. All HEC staff is additional insured for alcohol service.

Welcome beverages. We like to greet our guests right off the bat with a drink. Something festive. It can be with our without spirits. A blackberry Champagne Cocktail or a Classic Old fashion with seasonal twist of cinnamon and orange. A non alcoholic Cranberry spritzer punch.Every one heads right to the bar so head them off at the pass and offer them a drink from a tray right off the bat.

The bar can be simple. Some nice wines (we suggest only two a red and white) a couple beers, (all American something like Bud light and an interesting local craft beer Arizona Orange Blossom. And then maybe two nice cocktails. Bourbon and Vodka are still Americans favorites.

We had a party here recently we and we made fresh cold pressed juice from Fiji apples and Pears and then muddled some fresh figs in the glass topped with Vodka and fresh pressed juice garnished with a fig and fresh basil It was indeed Impressive.We also pulled out the smoking box and made a classic old fashion but smoked it with Cherry wood chips, garnished with Arizona Oranges. People really loved having something different.

For the family parties consider a nice hot and cold beverage bar. Add the desserts to the presentation and voilà. We like to offer Hot cocoa with shaved chocolate and mini marshmallows. Hot cider with cinnamon sticks, a nice cold punch. We do the cranberry spritzer, egg nog with nutmeg and whipped cream. And left simmering on the stove for the great aroma some hot mulled wine. If you want coffee make it a good one and offer some liquors to lace them with. Baileys, Kalua, Tuaca a vanilla liquor.

Add a tiered stand of holiday bite size desserts and a basket of holiday cookies and there you go.