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Growing Herbs

At Heidi's Events and catering we have four large above ground herb gardens. I also grow herbs at home which has been difficult because I live against the mountain. Which means hard as rock soil and a lot of critters. Typically if we enjpoy eating something so do the animals. They chew down to the nub the herbs and edible flowers. For xmas my husband made a beautiful wall mount herb garden. He used an old shipping pallet. Attached landscape cloth to the undersides of each space and filled it with potting soil. He attached it to the wall before filling it simply because it would have been heavy. We planed 55 4” pots of herbs and lettuces in the slots. Unfortunaly the freezing cold weather has not been good for a newly planed herb garden but I am confident it will thrive come spring.

Herbs can be intimidating to cook with if you are not familiar with the different varietals.

I use things like basil, thyme, oregano, chives, cilantro, rosemary, flay leaf parsley. I grow mint for my Ice tea and some greens for a quick pick salad. If I have to much of something and I know it is going to brown I pick it lay it on a cookie sheet until it dries and then crush it into a jar. Dry herbs are best for stews and sauces I think.

At the catering company we use them for everything. A big application is our herb garden vinaigrette put them in the blender with some acid ( lemon juice or vinegar) and then a good Quality olive oil. Variations might include garlic, nuts cheese, citrus rind.

Using your table scraps to make a compose will enhance the soil. I am not big on pesticides and I hate to kill animals but I don’t like them eating my herbs so I have

Been spraying the wod around the box and exposed soil with water laced with chopped jalapenos. So far so good. But then again maybe it is just so cold out they are letting it be.

There are allot of good places online to learn how to grow and cook with herbs.

You can start small on your window sill with the lovely pots they sell at Sprouts and Trader Joe.