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​Good Fats

I am not a fan of processed butter spreads or margarine. I like the real thing..Butter!

That being said I understand that many are trying to keep their fat quantities down but I think Good natural fats are nourishing, they tastes incredible and make your food more satisfying, so you eat less. So many people out there are eating loads of processed low fat foods yet still counting calories and are miserable. I say natural always outways artificial anything. Growing up my father always had a can of fat on the back of the stove to cook with. HE was a very thin man. Here are some of my favorite Fats:

Butter “ I spread lashings onto bread and toss freshly steamed green beans in buttery goodness”

Beef and Chicken Fat “ Leftover from roasts or skimmed from broth . These are a frugal persons fats stored in the fridge in a jar”

Egg Yokes “ Not just the white part. Crumble into salads or Broth”

Flaxseed Oil “ Drizzle on salads, cold pressed flaxseed oil provides a great nutty flavor”

Olive Oil “ Use the Extra virgin for dressing food rather then cooking with it”

Extra Virgin Coconut oil “ Add it to smoothies and also use it in your hair and on your skin- it’s a great lubricant and makeup remover

Consider Tossing roasted vegetables in a few tablespoons of chicken fat to boost the flavor. Toss Green beans and lettuce in anchovy butter. Chop some fresh herbs and mixit into your softened butter spread it on bread and toast it in the oven.

Did you know that Full fat yogurt contains less lactose then lowfat yogurt, which is more processed-often with additives to make it thicker and better tasting. Butter and other natural fats help absorb fat soluble vitamins like A and D.