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Giving Thanks

By, Tanya Schmit

By the time this article publishes, retail stores will already have their holiday décor out for sale: red, green, silver, gold. I have found that over my years of living, that the Thanksgiving holiday gets overlooked earlier and earlier, overshadowed by the Holiday Season. As much as most of us love the holiday season, it is important to remember the importance of being THANKFUL.

In a time of immediate gratification everywhere; I wanted to publish a friendly reminder of the importance of GIVING THANKS to those that help, provide, and serve you. We all have at least ONE person that does something for us: an employer, a parent, a child, a mentor, a friend, spouse, child – the list goes ON and ON for some.

In 1621, when the Thanksgiving holiday was first celebrated, the Wampanoag Native Americans shared an autumn harvest feast with the European settlers. Despite pillage and territory strife that was going on at the time, the Native Americans still found a way to GIVE THANKS to those new settlers by way of sharing their harvest.

In the eve of the giving holiday season, please show THANKSGIVING gratification this year to at least ONE who has served you. Pay it forward; we all could use a little more love.