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Gift Giving Etiquette

It's not until your great aunt’s punch bowl arrives on your doorstep that you start to cringe about all the gifts you may have to return after your wedding.

It’s best to buy from the registry. The couple spent time creating a registry that will help them build their life together. If you prefer to buy something not listed, check the registry to ensure you get something that will match their style and decor.

The first place to look to see if the couple is registered is the invitation or their wedding website. Many brides-to-be create a page on sites like The Knot or My Wedding so that they can share event details, accommodation and their registry with all guests. If they do not have a wedding webpage, try asking a family member or close friend of the bride or groom.

It is certainly ok to give something personal like a set of pillow cases you embroidered or doilies you made but remember just because you put your heart and sole into making it doesn’t mean they will love it.

Don’t ever take food to a reception. I had a client tell me that one of their guest showed up with an ice chest full of ice cream. They had already planned to have an ice cream truck arrive to go with the cake.

It used to be common for guests to bring gifts to the wedding, but now with the popularity of online shopping this is no longer the case. Most couples prefer to have gifts sent to their home so that they do not have to worry about transporting gifts between locations. People in the know do not show up with a gift that someone else has to handle at the end of the night.

Money is quickly becoming the most popular wedding gift, either in the form of cash or check. As the trend towards getting married older grows, couples are less likely to need common registry items since many have been living together and have already built a home. .If your giving cash the amount should cover the expense of what they may have incurred to have you and your partner a guest at the wedding. Weddings are expensive and most people are thrilled to have cash to use on whatever they need.

The Showers are for the personal items like the toast glasses, the garter, cake cutting set. Talk to the other family members to see who is planning to get what. There is often theme to the shower like a kitchen party, Lingerie party, personal items, a beach theme, ect…

If you are taking a hostess gift to someone home be considerate of the situation. Don’t take flowers that are wrapped and have to be put in water. Your Hostess is likely busy with her guests. Don’t take food that is intended to be eaten for the party unless you have discussed it prior. Your addition of store bought hummus may not be quite right next to the homemade hummus the hostess just made.Candles, jars of good honey, jams, interesting condiments like caper berries or stuffed olives, good quality candy, good wine, are all good options for someone who likes to entertain.