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​Fun Summer Stations

As the wedding season winds down in Arizona we find ourselves catering allot of social parties. Reunions, Birthdays, Graduations, parties just to show your Friends you care...
Planning and cooking for a summer party can take away from the fun of it for the ones doing the work. That’s were we come in. “Making the good times easy since 1992”

I find grazing stations a great way to have nice variety. Having several stations around the yard and in the house encourages movement and mingling. If you plan the stations right you will have ample food to call it a meal by the time you ave worked your way through them all. A buffet says lets all get a plate of food and eat now, Stations say graze as you like.

Staggering the food stations helps to provide food for the entire event but not have food out to long to be fresh and safe to eat.

Start with a Chip and Dip station or something to nosh on as guest start arriving along with beverages.

Insert chip and dip station

Once a the majority of guest have arrived and the guest of honer open The main meal stations. Presented here is a gourmet slider station, a Chicken painting station and a Garden Crudités station.

Insert slider, crudités stations

Towards the end of the event roll out the Desserts. Tray passed Cones, or an Ice Cream Social, Chocolate waterfall, Build your own Dessert tacos, Something entertaining like Bananas foster or Flambé.

Insert tray passed Ice cream

Don’t place all the food in the same place. Each station should be presented in a unique manner and on its on table, Island, Grill area etc... Don’t plan seating for all your guests. A mix of standing, couch seating and seated tables with chairs is best. Plan no more then one third of your anticipated guest to sit at t any given time.