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​Family Food and Fun

I was making smoothies with my Grandsons when it hit me just how much fun we have cooking together. I remember how much fun I had cooking with my Father as a child and then later as an adult at the start of my business. He was the one that ignited my desire to become the Caterer I am today. My Father always enjoyed eating anything I made for him. Especially a sandwich. His face would light up when he came over and I had a sandwich for him. He said they always tasted better when someone made it for you.

I understand many people don’t like to cook and find it a chore. Could it be that you didn’t have any fun doing it as a kid? Maybe your just to busy? Maybe you don’t want to deal with the mess. I’m going to try and throw some fun ideas at you to cook together.

With the Kids...Its summer make Smoothies, any kind of fruit in a blender with some juice, yogurt or cream and some ice. Blend it pour it into some glasses add a straw and drink it. Make sure you save some to fill the popsicle holders with for later.

Pizza on the stove top. I found that premade Nan makes a great base for a quick pizza.
Some sauce form a jar, marinara, pizza sauce or pesto...some kind of cheese.
We like mozzarella and goat cheese, some meat if you like it or some sundried tomatoes.
My grandson likes pepperoni and I don’t ever have that on hand so I brown a chicken sausage in a fry pan cut it paper thin and we call it pepperoni! He’s two and loves to make pizza at grandmas!
Ants on a log. Cut celery ribs, smear them with cream cheese, peanut or almond butter and dot with the ants. (raisins) We sing the song while we eat them. The ants go marching one by one...A sandwich, bread, spread, fillings. What ever you like. Even two year olds can spread the mayo or squeeze the mustard. Lay everything out in a row and they can stack them all up and put a top on it. Funny what kids will eat if they make it themselves. We had tomato sandwiches after picking them from our garden.

What ever you cook make it fun and eat it with them! Kids develop their food habits so young. Moms teach your kids to cook so they one day make someone a sandwich!