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Enjoy those Holiday Parties!

By: Heidi Vail

It’s been quite a year! We have all been through quite a bit with our families, jobs, friends, homes and life in general. Vacations canceled, school postponed, working from home, special events canceled, the good times we are all accustomed to have been put on hold.

I think the way we celebrate has changed but should not be omitted from our lives altogether. I need to have an occasion to look forward to. The holidays without the people we love just would not be the same. It’s time to shave our legs again, put on a party dress, and wear some lipstick! We can share the holiday joy and be safe doing it. Air kissing and fist bumping has become the norm (However, I do miss a good hug).

When it comes to the food...leave it to the professionals! At Heidi’s Events & Catering we have modified our food safety standards to ensure the safety of your guests and our staff. We have spent a long quiet spring and summer cleaning, sanding, painting, repairing, creating, and building things that will help with the presentation and service. There are new menus, new looks, new trays for passing food, shields to protect from germs, covered chafers, protected platters - all while keeping the decorative touches we’re known for.

Lots of our regular corporate clients are opting for individualized boxed meals instead of self serve buffets for their large groups over 500. The important part is that they are recognizing the importance of their employees and the holiday celebration. Showing you appreciate and care.

House parties don’t have to be so large. Opt for several different parties/days with a smaller number of guests. You’ll find the intimate groups allow you time to be a better host, more personal. Have three parties for fifty instead of one for a hundred and fifty; on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon - make a weekend of it!

We are passionate about keeping the good times easy - and now more than ever – safe!

Don’t avoid the good times, just be smart and use good judgment. It’s time to celebrate and share the joy once again!