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​Eating with your Eyes first!

As I sit here looking at the great buffet presentations around the office I starting thinking about how important it is. We go to great lengths to make sure the presentation of everything we do is unique and interesting. We try to stay up on current trends and yet decide for ourselves what fits our image and those of our clients the best.

Most of us have a mirror in our bathroom and take a good look after we get dressed in the morning because we know that we only have one chance to make a good first impression.

The same goes for food. Be it a plated meal, a station or buffet it should be inviting.

I will share some ideas….A theme can be the food served at the event. If your serving BBQ food at a Wedding you don’t necessarily have to go with the BBQ décor. BBQ food at a social or corporate event can be enhanced with the BBQ décor elements. Remember to serve Cold food cold and Hot food hot. 3 hours is the maximum amount of time any food should be out of the proper temperature zone. Keep it safe!

Use a combination of platters, trays and warming elements together. Drape and tuck décor items around the serving pieces. Don’t overwhelm the table so the food doesn’t shine. Remember the front of the table. It will be the first thing people see as they enter the room. Consider the lighting. I like to label things so people know what they are eating.

Plate garnish should be something that is in the dish. If your serving tomatoes Bruchetta on a tray. A whole tomatoe, some fresh basil leaves, and a head of fresh garlic would be the perfect Décor.

A color can be a theme. Everything on the plate, buffet, guest tables could all be one color.

When it comes to plating food, trends have changed over the years. I am a fan of simple presentation adding height by piling things on top of each other that will taste good together. Consider putting the gravy or sauce on the plate first then the starch topped with the meat, garnished with the vegetable. Steer clear of the pie looking plates. And don’t add garnish that you wouldn’t eat. A lemon wheel and sprig of dill on a pice of fish is a good garnish a flower is not.

When its all don’t and said remember even a tea biscuit taste amazing on a proper china plate with tea in a nice cup. Sit down and enjoy it. We all do to many disposable cups in the car on the go.