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Eat your way across America

By, Heidi Vail

Summer seems like a good time to expand your palette. Whether traveling across country or right at home: take a culinary vacation! Reach out for the foods that represent the different parts of our country. As we know, Americans are a melting pot of people from everywhere, which offers such a diverse array of food: food from everywhere!! You do not really have to leave America for great food. It is fun to open your pallet to the different regions.

If you are going on a road trip across country do yourself a favor and stay away from the familiar fast foods. Make time to enjoy the local cuisine. Not to say the local cuisine cannot be fast food… A quick “Coney Dog” in New York is a great example.

But I’m a fan of diving right into the local culture. On my month long road trip this year, we headed south. With two sizes of pants in hand, we headed out to eat our way through The South. Fried chicken, shrimp and grits, BBQ that changed with the state, oysters every which way. Let’s not forget the sweets: Benne wafers, pralines, bread pudding.

For me food represents the people, the local ingredients, and the love that goes into food preparation. I look for the privately own restaurants, food trucks and produce stands. I’m rarely disappointed.

If a cross-country trip is not on the books for your family do a little research and take the tour in your own city or even at home. The kids will find it fun and you might find a new appreciation for something you haven’t had before.