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Easier, Healthier, and Happier

I want to share a story about how my life got easier, healthier and happier.

When I started Heidi Events and Catering in 1992 I was a very active body builder at Joe Weider Gym which is now Peter Piper Pizza. I started the business doing Home meal service based on nutritiously balanced meals. (Funny how ahead of the times I was back then!)Well over the years the party business takes over the food changed to feed the masses and the time I made for body building was dedicated to growing a business.

Over the years I gained some weight...only 2 to 3 pounds a year which didn’t seem so bad but that continued now for 25 years. My life revolved around everything related to food and parties. Planning menus, cooking food, photographing food, eating out to stay current, taking culinary learning journeys all over the world. All of which I love and has been so beneficial.

The business grew and so did my body. Recently I peaked at the most I have ever weighed. I had a harder time moving and less energy. I thought I must have a thyroid problem (so many women my age do) so I went to have the blood work done and see the General practitioner.

He told me my blood work was perfect in all areas and asked why I was there. I explained I was tired more often, and in general did not have enough energy. He asked about exercise and my diet, I told him I walked my dogs every day and ate good healthy food. (Apparently just too much of it)

He asked how I would feel if I put on a 30 pound backpack when I took that walk. I told him I would be exhausted at the end of the walk. He looked me in the eye and told me to loose the 30 pounds and I would have my energy back.Simple as that!

So I did loose the thirty ponds and more. I simply stopped consuming all the unnecessary stuff. Alcohol, sugar, pasta, bread, desserts, fat and oil.I have been eating allot less calories. Fish and chicken and nutrient rich fruit and vegetables. I started eating breakfast and drink a gallon of water a day.

I took a vacation and enjoyed myself. I drank but much less alcohol than I usually do on vacation and only every other day, I ate some junk but only a tiny bit and then on the last day had a really fattening meal so I didn’t really deprive myself. I came back the same weight I left at, and resumed my low calorie eating habits. I had a great vacation.

Now I know this is funny coming from a woman that makes a living with food, fun and love but the point of all this was to share my experience because I know so many of you go through the same thing.

Not only have I lost allot of weight, I have saved allot of money not eating and drinking out and buying food I don’t need to eat. I do other things instead. So many things I thought I didn’t have time to do.

I’ve saved a ton of time shopping at the grocery store. A quick trip to the produce section and butcher and I’m done. The time I spend cooking for my husband and myself is minimal. Quick breast on the grill and a salad, or some cooked broccoli.Later when I’m craving food I eat an apple and have a cup of tea.

My husband sticks his nose up at chicken and broccoli so often but then he likes my flat tummy. He goes out for fast food when he needs it. Most nights he eats what I cook and doesn’t say a word.I can move easier, I have more energy and some extra money to buy some smaller pants.

Splurge for the special occasions, party when it’s time to party and be sensible throughout the week. If you don’t take care of you who will?