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Don’t be afraid to celebrate!

By Heidi Vail

No doubt times are changing in our world of catering. It is going to be a little bit harder to “Make the good times easy”, but with extra care and genuine consideration for others’ well-being, we can all still throw parties and celebrate the good times with food and drink as it has been done since The Last Supper.

In the 30 years I have been catering parties and providing food for many types of occasions, I have seen things change a lot. I have been through dozens of health department inspectors, and thousands of inspections; they all bring something good to the operation. I have always appreciated the health department in a way many other food service providers don’t. They make my job easier as an owner to enforce the food safety guidelines to keep people safe. This time isn’t any different. There will be changes; but we will adapt and ensure - as always – that the food we serve to your guest will be safe to eat.

During this quiet time for events we cleaned and sanitized our huge commercial kitchen and all the equipment. We wrapped everything; we sanded tables, cleaned and repaired rental equipment, and our fleet of catering vehicles. We re-organized the warehouse and redesigned old presentation looks with food safety in mind. We are fresh and ready to go!

Currently we are creating ways to keep the food and presentation you love available and still comply with new food safety guidelines.

What one does when throwing a party in their own home is their own business. No one will tell you what to do there. It is our job as catering professionals to guide you towards a safer way to host a party. The same goes for the venues we support.

We will offer suggestions to keep your guests from being scared to eat what is served. We plan to have the same fabulous looks on our stations but offer to serve your guests from behind a clear, protective shield. So there is no concern of who might have touched your food or sent a droplet flying through the air over your food from a sneeze.

We are developing ways to hand pass Hors D Oeuvres from individual covered vessels. The art of service will only improve your guest experience! We will continue to offer plated service as well. We are very good at expediting efficient table served courses.

No matter what the occasion, I urge you to hire a professional like those of us at Heidi’s Events and Catering. We have always had an open kitchen policy. We take pride in a clean kitchen and perfect health inspections. Don’t be afraid to ask to see where the food you serve your guests is prepared. Take a look! Steer clear of restaurants and food service establishments that claim they “cater.” Ask to see their catering license. Cooking food to travel and serve is very different from “take out or drop off:”

From maintaining proper food temperatures, having the right equipment to cater, and the ability to carry out a safe, successful event takes experience. It is unlawful to cater without a catering license. We will continue to “Make the good times easy” with your health, food safety, and professionalism as we have for nearly 30 years. Don’t be afraid to celebrate!