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​Do The Right Thing Because It’s The Right Thing To Do…

With all that is in the news about the Queens Etiquette in England and what she expects from her new family members, I started thinking about my own feelings on the subject.I for one am a big fan of the Queens stringent rules on Etiquette.Manners go far beyond please and thank you. Perhaps you have read previous articles I have written on Table manners. Or about the rules of etiquette as they pertain to weddings. Or Cell phones!

Today I want to touch on a simple subject of reciprocating an invitation.

I have to laugh about my good clients in Sun lakes that always try to be the first to call to book their cocktail party for the season. They want to be first to present our latest station or newest Hors D Oeuvres for their party but more importantly they realize if they throw the first cocktail party of the season they will have invitations for the rest of the winter.That generation gets it!

If someone invites you to their home for dinner or a party, the right thing to do after sending the thank you note telling them how wonderful it was, is to reciprocate with an invitation.So the invitation does not have to be tit for tat…Doesn’t mean you have to cook them dinner if you don’t like to cook but you should offer to take them out for dinner.Or have them over and order a pizza. It is all about the hospitality and showing your appreciation.

If your kids are invited over for a play date you need to reciprocate by inviting their kids over or out for an ice cream etc…

If you are invited to a family member’s home for Thanksgiving you should invite them to your home for dinner or take them out.

If you’re invited to someone’s cabin for the weekend invite them to join you someplace for the weekend.

If members of your circle of friends has house parties and invite you, you should host one. Have it catered if you don’t know how or want to do the work. If your place is to small look at the community center, or clubhouse for a space. Or host a happy hour at a local restaurant or bar.

I have hosted so many parties throughout the years only to hear “I would have you over but I can’t do it as well as you do”.That is a cop out. It is the thought and act of showing you care not the food itself.

I would be thrilled with a slice of pizza a glass of wine and a game of cards. It makes me feel that you appreciated my invitation and care enough about me to invite me over.

It is not about expecting something in return for doing a nice thing it is about doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do!