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February seems a good time to talk about the Love relationships....and food.

My love of food has taken me many places in my life. I am not simply talking about the wonderful restaurants I’ve eaten, the Cultural learning journeys I’ve taken in other countries, family meals, the casual foods that go along with football games on Sunday afternoon, Picnics in the park, romantic dinners with candlelight, breakfast in bed, trips to get ice cream with the grandkids, pizza with the teenagers, lunch with colleagues, weddings, cocktail parties, company dinners and on and on...

Food is a necessity and seems to always be there in some way or the other. As in other love situations you can embrace it, abuse it, learn from it, take it for granted, be wasteful, careless, or savor every bite with passion and desire. I have learned to appreciate good honest food. I have learned to respect it and treat it as a necessity in my life.

I have learned the importance of balance. Not to over indulge or take for granted the things that are good for me. I’ve learned if you take the time to make it pretty it taste better, I have learned that with a little patience one can cultivate a simple ingredient into something beautiful. I have learned that choosing the right ingredients to begin with is so very important. The foundation for a good dish starts with understanding what you really need. Once that is determined you can move forward with the process of creating and cultivating the best possible relationship...oh I mean dish!

Next time to cook a meal for someone you love think about what you need and what you can do to get the perfect outcome. The results might surprise you....