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​December Issue For Foothills

Hiring a Professional…

Would you ever call a car dealer and say how much is a car? If you did they ask you what you had in mind in terms of options. There are so many options and they all alter the price.

Would you tell the butcher at the Grocery store that you did not want to pay the price per pound he was asking for that meat?

Would you tell the doctor or dentist that you needed him to meet you at night or on a Sunday because you couldn’t egt off for the appointment during normal business hours?

No you’d take off work and make time when they are open for that teeth cleaning or office visit.

There are not many occasions in our lives as important as our wedding. It is as important as shopping for a car getting your teeth cleaned. Yet I am amazed at how many calls I get asking “How much is a wedding?”

Putting together an event has many components. The food, the type of food service, Plated, buffet, Family style, Grazing stations, Tray passed, beverages, Bar service, Desserts, Cake, tableware, table lines, the tables and chairs themselves, the staffing that typically includes, The Chef and his Crew to handle the food, the Banquet Manager to handle the event, The Floor Captains to take care of the Bride and Groom and the service staff to take care of the guests. Then all the other vendors like DJ, Florist, Valet,

Lighting, and anything special like Photo booths.

If you needed to have an operation for something important would you tell the Doctor you’d like to negotiate the price for his service? Would you settle for a nurse to do the operation because she charged less for her time?

Why is a professional Event planer/caterer with 20 plus years experience any different?

There is nothing wrong with asking if there is anything that can be discounted but just like that butcher that has to charge what he does for that meat, food is expensive,

Staff doesn’t work for free, insurance and the cost of doing business is expensive. Especially for those of us that offer benefits to our employees, pay all our taxes, follow the rules set by the Health department for safe food handling,

Make time to plan an event, Invite the number of Guest you can afford. Be mindful of the expenses we incur to bring that event to you. When is turns out to be an amazing experience let us know.