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​Cookie Party Wirth Friends

When I think of this time of the year as a child I conjur of memories that are scented with sugar, cinnamon and spice. Sometime before thanksgiving the baking started and then the holiday cookies started to appear. When I was old enough I got to help and then as a young adult I baked my heart out and gave homemade cookies to everyone from the mailman, neighbors and coworkers. Seems everyone appreciates something made from scratch!

A few years a go my daughter and several friends decided to all bake together and then share each others cookie selections. We had a lot of fun there in the kitchen that year.

It was not without some flaws so I thought I would share some tips for a great way to bake and share cookies together.

Each participant should plan two cookies. There was 6 of us. Plan to bake enough so everyone can take home two dozen of each kind with them. We planned 12 dozen of each kind. Share with each other ahead of time what two kinds you plan to make so there are no duplicates. Each person brings all the ingredients to make those two cookies. Make sure you read your recipe through and plan to do anything ahead of time that is time consuming. This is not the time to try a new recipe. Bring copies of the recipe to share.

If the cookie dough is the roll out variety make it ahead of time as it needs refrigerator time. Don’t plan more then one kind that is cut out and frosted. They take a long time.

Bring your own measuring spoons, cups, hand mixer, bowls, rolling pins, and baking sheets, cooling racks and containers to take home some cookies.

It can cause a delay if your waiting for the measuring spoons and cant finish.

Get one batch in the oven right away. Bake all cookies that require the same temperature at the same time. * Check the date on your baking powder and baking soda. They do expire and loose their raising power.

After the cookies are finished lay them all out on a long table or two and each person can walk down the table and fill their containers with a variety.

We started after dinner around 7:00 and didn’t finish until after midnight. So plan enough time. It doesn’t work if one has to leave before all the cookies are finished and clean up is done. Sharing the end result is the best part!

As the hostess I made a nice Warm Cider and provided some wine.Played festive Holiday Music, had [plenty of towels and potholders on hand and Later on I pulled out some Cheese and Fruit for a late night snack. I also gave my guests a festive ceramic Holiday Cookie Jar as a gift. Its great to see them out at theoir homes when I visit.

They have brought back the Cookie jar now each year to refill!