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Celebrate Halloween!

By, Heidi Vail

A very dear friend of mine - who has gone on to the other side - started a tradition in her driveway years ago on Halloween that warms by heart.

My daughter now lives in that house and carries on the driveway tradition. Yes, Halloween decorations grace the neighborhood and candy flows as all the little “Pretties” come by knocking, but my favorite part is the gathering of our family, friends, and neighbors in the driveway. We pot luck beer cheese soup, chili, corn muffins, crusty bread, a blazing fire (even when it’s still warm). We pass out candy, admire the costumes, sometimes dress up ourselves, eat, drink and tell “lies” to each other. It’s the perfect start of the next season festivities.

Last year on Halloween (mid-COVID) we walked the neighborhood and saw more driveway and Cul de Sac gatherings than we ever have. Many were wearing masks of a different sort and sending candy down a chute (because of the situation we have all been facing), but all the same family and friends gathered together to celebrate. In all the years we’ve been doing this in the driveway, this was the first year I noticed others around the neighborhood doing the same thing. Another silver lining of COVID!!

I think the past year has strengthened that sense of family and renewed the desire to celebrate. In our business it is very apparent. Event bookings are at an all-time high. We’re happy to have survived the low and ready to take on whatever cause for celebration you might have! We are filled with great ideas.

Let the good times roll and remember Heidi’s Events and Catering has been making the good times Easy since 1992! Nearly 30 years….