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Catering Defined

The dictionary definition for catering is:

1. to provide food, service, etc.,

2. to provide or supply what amuses, is desired, or gives pleasure, comfort, etc.

We are in the business of catering, as our tagline implies: “Making the good times easy since 1992.”

I am surprised at how many people/places call themselves caterers or provide catering. There is a misconception by some. I had a local restaurant cater our company holiday party and what I really got was drop off food, not a catered event. We still had to do all the work. Take out food is not catering and neither is drop off food. There is a difference.

When deciding whether to have something catered, think about the difference. Do you just need food or do you want the event catered. After 23 years in the trade, we pride ourselves on knowing every aspect of the event business. It took years to develop that knowledge and fine tune the procedures to make it happen flawlessly. It was always our mission to be a good caterer. Not an afterthought like it is for some restaurants that can’t keep their tables and chairs full.

There is nothing wrong with take out food. Just know that it is not the same as having a true catered experience. The presentation, service staff, chefs, and banquet managers are all trained to do specific jobs and make sure that everyone is very well attended to. The chefs handle food, the service staff deals with the guests, and the bartenders serve alcohol. Over the years we have acquired all the equipment necessary to do it all for you, including all the rentals.

Keep in mind there is a cost associated with that kind of piece of mind. It is a very labor intensive job. Labor does come at a price. From the love put into making food from scratch using fresh ingredients, to loading and unloading the trucks full of stuff. It’s backbreaking work. The good caterers work very hard and feel a sense of pride for the art of catering. It is a shame that they are regarded by some as inferior. You wouldn’t haggle with your doctor about the price if he told you that you need an operation. You wouldn’t expect your dentist to meet with you at night or on a Sunday. You wouldn’t tell the butcher at Fry’s that you want a lower price on the meat. Caterers are professionals, too, and should be treated as such.