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​Block Party

Yesterday was Mothers day. I spent the morning with my children and Grandchildren and then later in the day we had a block party. It was so much fun I thought I would share some ideas with you. Mothers day was a great day to have it but really any Sunday late in the day works for most people. Their are allot of new people in our neighborhood and I wanted to get top know some of them so the desire for a block party blossomed.

Being a caterer was certainly convenient but anyone can call a caterer/rental company for some help! Everyone will pitch in to cover the nominal expense.

Its nice to have the basics done for you. Tables, Chairs, a Chef to grill meat, and a bounce house for the kids. The rest was all contributed by the neighbors. Though I must say we had an awful lot of chips! So circulating a list of who is bringing what might be helpful.

One of the neighbors offered to make a flyer and circulate them. She also had many of the neighbors on an email list. During the party we left out the list for those to add their email address to it. We had name tags people could fill out as they arrived. We ended up with about 50 people including lots of kids.

The party was in my front yard since I have a flat grassy space. We set up a bounce house and huge checker board and corn hole in the lawn. We set up a few round tables and chairs in the driveway and two 6’ tables for people food to go on. We put out a large cooler with water, juice boxes and beer and people added to it. There was lemonade and Iced tea. One of my chefs Grilled grilled burgers, dogs and breasts. We provided the condiments, slice tomatoes, onion, lettuce cheese, relish and buns. Everyone else brought sides and snacks. The hit was a big cherry cobbler with ice cream. There was plenty of food!

The party started at 4:00 and ended at 8:00. Everyone helped tear down and pack

leftovers. Make everyone take their bowls or dishes with them, no matter when they leave. The rest of the clean up was hardly a problem considering the nice time we had,, the great contacts for services like baby sitting and dog walking, and new friends we made.

Leave the garage door up just a bit longer when you get home give someone on the street a chance to say hello, share a smile and be neighborly.