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Are you tired of cooking yet?

By Heidi Vail

It has been quite apparent lately that even those of us that like to cook are ready to turn the chore over to someone else. I am surrounded by a network of good cooks. But somehow the appeal goes away if you cannot share the end result with your friends and associates.

While it might not be time just yet – at least it isn’t when this article goes to publish - to have that gathering, it certainly is time to start planning it! Believe it or not, at my catering company, we have several events booked with no set date. The party throwers just got the hard work of planning and budgeting the party, out of the way for when things open back up – and they feel comfortable hosting in their homes – they’re celebrating being social!

In my neighborhood our annual spring block party got moved until summers’ end. I’m already thinking about that welcome back party for my team of hard workers and a fall soiree for my long lost besties.

A dear friend and colleague of mine that resides in New York just told me on the phone the other day that the worst part about the sadness is that people cannot lean on and cry on each other’s shoulder. They all have to mourn their losses alone. We are social creatures; we need each other - in both sadness and good times.

I, for one, need to have something to look forward to. Whether it’s the next gathering, the next good time, the next good meal with colleagues, family and friends, they all just make us happy!

So I urge you to plan your next event. We have so much to be thankful for in spite of it all. Let’s celebrate. Remember all those weddings, showers, graduations that had to cancel will be moving to the fall so don’t delay in securing your date. You’ll have plenty of time to work out the details.