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​Are you in a Food Rut? Expand your Culinary Horizons!

If you are anything like me it is easy to settle into a comfortable place when it comes to many things in our day in and day out lives.The way we eat is a big one.I want to be adventurous and try new things but it takes effort.It is easier to cook the same old things and go to the same old restaurants.

That old saying ….”Variety is the spice of life” is so true when it comes to food.I want to make it a point to cook something new each week and to order something new from a menu at the places I go.

When it comes to cooking you can either do the research before you go to the store or simply buy something you have never purchased before and then do the research on how to cook it.

For me recently it was a cut of meat I had not cooked before. I always grab the porterhouse because I know my husband likes it.Skirt steak was new to me. I have heard of it but never thought to try it.I found out that it is sought after for its flavor not necessarily the tenderness of the meat.I did a simple garlic, salt pepper rub and drizzled it with Lemon juice and EVOO then grilled it hot and fast. To Medium rare.Let it rest quite a while why I finished the grilled vegetables and then cut it against the grain in ½ in slices.The flavor was amazing. It was not tough as the lemon juice help tenderize it and my husband loved it. I will buy it again.

If you’re in a habit of making a starch with every meal because you think you should break away and skip it.Try something like beans, farro, or an ancient grain.Cook a new vegetable alongside of one you like. Just try something easy with a tried and true. So if you don’t like it you still have the other components of the meal you like. It won’t feel like all is lost.

I told my daughter years ago that if she picked a man that was a picky eater I would not pay for the wedding. I only halfway meant it but in the end I am so glad that my new son in law is at least open to try new things. If he is open to new foods chances are he will be open to other new experiences. A personality trait I for one admire.

One is never too old to experience life and all it has to offer. Try something new and expand your culinary horizons.